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At The Castillo Law Office, we fight to ensure our clients are represented the proper way. Review our past case results and contact us today knowing that you are in the best hands possible.
  • Resolved Without Life Sentence
    2013 Jury Deadlocked on Murder Case A 15 year-old client was charged with felony-murder in adult court for the death of a young teen in San Leandro, California. The client was accused of being part of a robbery that resulted in the death of a teen. It was alleged that the client was the get away driver. At trial Ernie Castillo presented a defense that the shooting death of the victim was independent of the actions of his client and not part of the planned robbery. The jury deadlocked, which meant that they could not come to an agreement. A mistrial was declared and the case was subsequently resolved without a life sentence.
  • Charges Thrown Out
    2013 Winner of Murder Case

    A client was wrongly charged with the heinous murder of an 8 year old child in Oakland, California. Through extensive investigation and the use of cell phone GPS information, Ernie Castillo was able to prove in court that his client was not at the crime scene at the time of the homicide and was not involved. The murder charges were thrown out.


  • Freed From Murder Charges
    2014 Murder Case Dismissed

    A woman was wrongly charged with the murder of her own brother in Hayward, California. It was alleged that during a botched robbery the client’s brother was shot and killed. Ernie Castillo was able to show the legal problems with the case and convinced the prosecution to dismiss the case without trial. Client was freed from murder charges and released.


  • Conviction Was Dismissed
    2014 Murder Conviction Dismissed and New Trial Granted

    A client, who was previously represented by a different lawyer, was wrongly accused and convicted of murder in Oakland after trial. Before sentencing, the client hired Ernie Castillo to look into his case and ask for a new trial. Ernie Castillo investigated the murder case and discovered telephone records, and other evidence which proved his client was innocent and not at the crime scene during the murder.. A motion for a new trial was filed based on the new evidence that was found and the court granted the motion. The conviction was dismissed and the client received a new trial.


  • Not Guilty
    2014 Winner of Child Molestation Charge Which Carried a Life Sentence

    Client was charged with molesting a 9 year old niece and faced a life sentence in Contra Costa County. The client had no prior criminal history, was in his mid thirties, had multiple children, and was a successful business owner. The defense involved an unusual sleeping disorder called “parasomnia”. Ernie Castillo retained the leading neurologist in the world as an expert on this unusual disorder and presented evidence that the client was suffering from an episode of “parasomnia” during the contact with his niece. In a trial focused on a battle of experts and the first of its kind in Contra Costa County, the jury found the client “not guilty” of the charge carrying a life sentence.


  • Charge Reduced
    2015 Murder Conspiracy Charge Reduced

    Client and several others were charged with a conspiracy to commit murder in Oakland, California and faced a life sentence. The entire case against the client was based solely on a wiretap investigation, involving the local police department, California Department of Justice and federal agencies. Thousands of hours of telephone calls were involved and the allegations involved a murder plot focused on two different individuals. Ernie Castillo worked diligently to challenge the wiretap investigation, and discovered that law enforcement illegally used a device termed “Stingray” to prosecute his client. The discovery lead to getting the charge of conspiracy to commit murder dismissed and the client was out of custody within two years.


  • Charges Were Dismissed
    2015 Winner of Gun Charge Client was on parole and charged with possession of a firearm in Oakland, California and was facing a sentence under the “Three Strikes” law. Ernie Castillo filed a motion to suppress the gun because of an illegal search. At the hearing evidence showed that police did not know the client was on parole and had stopped client without a lawful purpose. The motion to suppress was granted, the charges were dismissed.
  • Life Sentence Avoided
    Attempted Murder Facing Life Sentence In Oakland, client arrested for attempted murder and faced a life sentence. Mr. Castillo resolved the case for an evading charge. All other charges were dismissed, including a charge for possession of a firearm. Client was released from custody with credit for time served. Life sentence avoided.
  • Life Sentence Was Avoided
    Charged With Stabbing Murder In San Francisco, client was charged with a stabbing murder that resulted from a lover's quarrel and faced 15 to life. After presenting evidence of a possible self-defense at the preliminary hearing, the case resolved for the appropriate charge of voluntary manslaughter. Client will be released in 3 years. Life sentence was avoided.
  • Case Dismissed on Day of Trial
    Child Molestation & Sexual Assault Charge In Hayward, client charged with child molestation and sexual assault of juvenile girls at a psychiatric institution. Case dismissed on day of trial. Client avoided deportation.
  • Resolved for a Misdemeanor Battery
    Child Molestation Charge In Oakland, client charged with child molestation of girl under 14 years of age and faced 16 years in prison, sex registration and deportation. Case resolved for a misdemeanor battery, 3 years of court probation, no registration and no deportation.
  • Life Sentence Was Avoided
    Child Molestation Conviction In Hayward, I was hired to overturn a conviction for child molestation where the client was facing a life sentence after having been found guilty by a jury. After Ernie Castillo filed various motions pointing out the errors made by the client's former lawyer, a new sentence was given where the client will be released in 3 years. A life sentence was avoided.
  • Life Sentence Was Avoided
    Child Molestation of Multiple Victims In Hayward, Ernie Castillo was hired to represent a client facing a life sentence for charges of child molestation of multiple victims. He filed motions challenging the constitutionality of the life sentence under the ex post facto laws. Motion granted, and life sentence clause was stricken. A life sentence was avoided.
  • Plea Agreement for Probation & No Jail Time
    Client Faced Murder Charges In July of 2010, client faced murder charges in Merced County where our investigation discredited the prosecution's case, including an eyewitness' identification. The case resulted in a plea agreement for probation and no jail time.
  • Charges Dismissed
    Client was Arrested for Shoplifting In Hayward, client was arrested for shop lifting. Charges dismissed, and she received an infraction. No criminal conviction and avoided deportation as a result.
  • No Convictions or Deportation
    Domestic Violence Charge In Fremont, client charged with domestic violence for choking his wife. Case set for a speedy trial. Case dismissed. No convictions and no deportation.
  • No Charges Filed & Deportation Was Avoided
    Domestic Violence with an Immigration Hold In Oakland, client arrested for domestic violence with an immigration hold. After negotiating with the district attorney, case was dismissed and the immigration hold was removed. No charges filed and deportation was avoided.
  • DUI Conviction & DL Suspension Avoided
    DUI with BAC Level Barely Over the Legal Limit DUI conviction and DL suspension was avoided -

    In Hayward, client was facing a DUI with a blood alcohol level barely over the legal limit. The resolution was for a wet reckless and with a Helmendollar order. The Helmendollar order by the court declared the client not guilty of the DUI charges and the client was able to keep his license without a DMV suspension. DUI conviction and driver's license suspension was avoided.

  • No Criminal Conviction
    False Accusation: Brandishing a Firearm & Terrorist Threats In Fremont, a police officer from the Bay Area was falsely accused of brandishing a firearm and terrorist threats. He was facing jail time and the potential of losing his job. The case was set for trial. After presenting evidence of the complaining witness' lack of credibility to the district, the case was dismissed. The client was reinstated as an officer. No criminal conviction.
  • Prison Time Was Avoided
    Gross Vehicular Manslaughter Charge In Hayward, client charged with gross vehicular manslaughter with alcohol for the death of his friend while side showing in the parking lot of a restaurant. The case was resolved for probation and one year in the county jail. Prison time was avoided and client is now home with his family.
  • Probation & 6 Months of Ankle Bracelet
    Multiple Counts of Child Molestation & Sodomy In Oakland, client charged with multiple counts of child molestation and sodomy, and faced over 35 years in prison and registration. Client was placed on probation with 6 months of ankle bracelet and no registration.
  • Probation & No Sex Offender Registration
    Multiple Counts of Child Molestation of Multiple Victims In Hayward, client charged with multiple counts of child molestation of multiple victims and faced life sentence. Case resolved for a charge of threats with probation and no sex registration.
  • Not Guilty on All Sex Counts
    Multiple Felony Charges During a jury trial in Hayward, California in September of 2010, a successful entrepreneur faced multiple felony charges, including forcible sexual assault. After a jury trial client was found not guilty on all sex counts.
  • Case Dismissed & Charges Dropped
    Murder Charge Dismissed Against Reputed Gang Member

    Client’s case gets dismissed after being wrongly accused of murder. Read about how we were able to get justice for our client.


  • Dismissed
    Murder Charges Dropped for Man Accused of 2011 Fatal Shooting in Union City

    Ernie Castillo gets murder charges dismissed for client in gang homicide case.


  • Overturned
    Newark Woman’s Murder Conviction Overturned; She’ll Be Released Because of New Law

    A client was accused of helping orchestrate the murder plot of a Newark High School football player. But on Friday afternoon, more than eight years later, she wiped away tears of joy in court when the judge told her she would be released from custody. We never gave up fighting for this kid, and now she’s going home! Thanks for all the support from the nonprofit organization CURYJ! Newark woman’s murder conviction overturned, to be released because of new law.


  • Only One Year of Jail Time Charged
    Possession for Sale of Cocaine In Hayward, client charged with possession for sale of cocaine of over 4.5 kilos and over $200,000 in cash, and multiple firearms. Case resolved for one year of actual jail time, no prison.
  • Charged Dismissed
    Wrongly Accused of Murder In Oakland, client wrongly accused of murder in Oakland and facing a life sentence. After a preliminary hearing, judge was persuaded of client's innocence and murder charge was dismissed.

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